2008 Astra White

Technical information and Tasting notes

Harvest date: Fenbruary12, March 3rd and 5th 2008
Growing region: Stellenbosch South-Africa
Crushing regime: None
Pre-fermentation treatment: Whole bunch pressed straight to barrel.
Fermentation: Natural fermentation in 1st fill French oak barrels
Blend composition: 100% barrel fermented
Cases produced: 220
Bottling date: June 2010

The Astra White is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc ( 33%) , Chenin Blanc ( 33%) and Chardonnay ( 33%) the concept is a little different and very unique, as far as my knowledge goes, this is a first of its kind blend.

What I did in the 2008 vintage:I fermented three barrels of 2007 Sauvignon Blanc with natural yeasts in a new French oak barrel ( the natural fermentation pronounces more minerality in the wine), then after 11 months in barrel, I chose the best three Chenin Blanc barrels in the cellar and also the best three Chardonnay barrels in the cellar. The reason for this is because all three these vineyards are on the same soil profile and at the same altitude, right on the top of the hill. Therefore all three should theoretically have a similar mineral component, equal amounts of each varietal in the blend because I do not want any varietal to be represented stronger, this is to express the most possible terroir character. So, after 12 months in barrel, I blended the nine barrels in a stainless steel tank, and then the blend went back to the original barrels on the different lees components for another 6 months for integration.

Tasting Notes: The wine shows a dense straw colour with a green tinge. Aroma - it is a very complex and concentrated wine with dense layers of flavours of minerality from the three components with an intriguing tangerine citrus complexity. The complex flavour spectrum repeats in the mouth with power and elegance and a long mineral, citrus/spicy/rich finish.

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